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enigmatic small elongated wormlike terrestrial invertebrates of damp dark habitats in warm regions

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Comparative anatomy of slime glands in Onychophora (velvet worms).
Slime protein profiling: a non-invasive tool for species identification in Onychophora (velvet worms).
Opsins in Onychophora (velvet worms) suggest a single origin and subsequent diversification of visual pigments in arthropods.
Conservation: The Onychophora's conservation has been previously discussed (Mesibov 1990, New 1995) and as all other species of Onychophora, P.
Phylogenetic relationships among onychophora from Australasia inferred from the mitochondrial Cytochrome oxidase subunit I gene.
Onychophora in invertebrate conservation - priorities, practice and prospects.
The range of the related chlamydephorid slugs and the African peripatopsid Onychophora is similarly restricted by the Great Escarpment (Hamer et al.
The connection between Hallucigenia and the unnamed Chengjiang animal has led the two researchers to draw Hallucigenia, as well as some other Cambrian oddities, into the fold of Onychophora.
El Filo Onychophora comprende aproximadamente 200 especies (Mayer 2007) geograficamente distribuidas a lo largo de los continentes que una vez conformaron Gondwana (MongeNajera 1995), desde el centro y sur de America hasta Africa, incluyendo las partes mas humedas de Australia.
On two new species of Onychophora from the Siamese Malay States.
Onychophora of New Zealand; past, present and future.
Key words: Onychophora, synapses, Peripatus, ultrastructure, cephalic ganglia, evolution.
While others consider the Onychophora a branch of intermediate evolution between the annelids and arthropods, recent cladistic studies (Monge-Najera and Mulberry 1994, Monge-Najera 1995) eliminate the association of this phylum with the ancestral group of the Unirramia (Manton 1973, Hickman et al.
Comparison with an outgroup such as the Onychophora throws light on this question.
Se compara las comunidades fosiles de Cheng-yiang (China) y Burgess Shale (Canada) con una comunidad marina similar moderna (Punta Morales, Costa Rica) y con una comunidad terrestre moderna (Coronado, Costa Rica) que al igual que los dos depositos fosiliferos incluye al filo Onychophora.