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The same level of cooperation has not been possible among public and school libraries, although the results of some current cooperative projects such as OSCR indicate that working together will have significant benefits for Ontarians.
The province today released the Anti-Black Racism Strategy, which creates a roadmap for how government and its institutions will work to eliminate disparities for Black Ontarians in the child welfare, education and justice sectors.
When pharmacist-provided flu shots first became permitted in the 2012-2013 flu season, more than 250,000 Ontarians received a flu vaccination that way, reported Shoppers Drug Mart, Canada's largest drug chain.
As part of our Centennial celebrations, we are asking Ontarians to share with us their favourite memories of the Museum in a program called ROMReCollects.
is urging Ontarians to support the project because of the economic benefits and job opportunities the project would bring to Ontario workers.
Ontarians who make a living in the lucrative horse racing industry will now have to find some other source of income to pay for all the barns, broodmares and training facilities that sprung up during the horse racing boom.
How many Ontarians are aware that abortion on demand is covered by our tax dollars?
While we Ontarians no longer rip them off in any obvious ways, I am sure that fellow Canadians in those parts will find reasons for blaming us for what they don't like about Canada.
CropLife Canada wants the government of Ontario to defer consultations on draft regulations to ban the sale and use of some pesticides until government officials develop scientific criteria for Ontarians to comment on.
A recent poll shows that the majority of Ontarians would prefer to see retiring nuclear reactors replaced with renewable energy sources rather than building new reactors.
Another key initiative would be to boost the collection for recycling of plastic bags, which a survey shows is endorsed by 70 percent of Ontarians who say they would take part in in-store recycling programs.
We know Ontarians want to buy fresh local products, and we want to make it easier for them to do so," said Onatrio premier Dalton McGuinty in a statement.
The Ontarians with Disabilities Act Committee will cease operations on August 31, 2006 and a new advocacy organization called the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act Alliance will take its place.
A new era in government relations must begin in order for our people to begin to prosper from the natural resources that have contributed to the prosperity of other Ontarians.
Ontarians now have better, faster access to the up-to-date laws with new upgrades to e-Laws (www.