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a cooling breeze from the sea (during the daytime)

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For those who found the onshore breezes at the beaches a little too uncomfortable this weekend, there was the chance to dabble in a spot of star-gazing around Swansea.
Warmest inland away from the coasts as moderate onshore breezes will develop along some coastal parts.
We're getting normal onshore breezes and no high winds," Rueda said.
These toys are used principally on the continent, in inland lakes and pools or where there is less tidal stream and wind or where areas experience predominantly onshore breezes.
By Friday morning, onshore breezes from the Pacific Ocean brought cooler temperatures and higher relative humidity, making conditions easier for firefighters.
6Take a break - Many people find symptoms disappear on the coast because sea air is less polluted and onshore breezes blow pollen inland.