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the co-option of another person's personal information (e

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The initiative was announced yesterday by the e-Government Authority (eGA), which pledged that strict security was being put in place to protect against online identity theft.
There is an increase in online identity theft and credit card theft.
The Zone Trusted Information Channel (ZTIC) from IBM Research--Zurich (BlueZ Business Computing team), Rueschlikon, Switzerland, is designed to combat online identity theft in the financial sector.
Prior to October 27, 2009, there were no punitive provisions for online identity theft.
Acknowledging the need for serious concern but not panic, Miller (who has written numerous books translating technical topics for general readers) shares tips, warnings, and personal experiences relevant to online identity theft, scams, cyber- stalkers, spyware, and other electronic assaults on personal information.
Derek has access to worldwide data on social engineering scams, online identity theft, data leakage, phishing, targeted spam attacks, and emerging threats, and can talk about breaking threats associated with the games.
In addition to integrated anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-phishing and a two-way firewall, the suite provides safeguards against online identity theft, and has anti-spam protection as well as parental controls.
In nearly two-thirds of cases the intended target was an individual as opposed to a firm, with abusive emails and online identity theft among the crimes being identified.
A PRIZE-winning poodle from North Wales has become the latest victim of online identity theft.
said that online identity theft is on the increase but warned that victims are not always certain to get their cash back.
com, a provider of employee discount programmes, is now offering online identity theft prevention software, GuardedID, for purchase through its Employee Benefit Discount Program.
With estimates as to the cost of card fraud in the EU flying above 1 billion, the European Commission is ever more aware of the need for a European response to the threat posed by online identity theft and e-fraud.
It covers online identity theft, phishing - a form of internet fraud - child safety online and spyware, stealing information from your computer.
This infokeylogger was identified as a result of one of Sunbelt's lead spyware researcher's earlier discovery of a massive online identity theft ring, in which thousands of unsuspecting computer users' personal data had been compromised.
Anonymous Surfing defends users from the most prevalent Internet privacy and security threats, including online identity theft, phishing attacks, and online tracking.
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