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The strength of onion routing on the Internet relies on the difficulty of observing the entire network, which may be less of an obstacle in wireless networks.
On the positive note, constraints applied on various frameworks, such as homomorphic and commutative encryption, onion routing, inference controls, DNA blood and tissue samples from the crime scene as key queries, sequential data release based on relational levels and network flow recording framework all demonstrated a vast implementation of constraints to protect unrelated data from being exposed to forensics investigators while conducting investigations.
Syverson, Goldschlag, and Reed discuss an anonymity agent called Onion Routing, in which users submit encrypted HTTP requests using an onion, that is, a layered data structure that specifies symmetric cryptographic algorithms and keys to be used as data is transported to the intended recipient.
AASR [4], using group signature and Key-encrypted onion routing able to transfer information very secure, higher throughput and lower packet loss ratio, but higher packet delay due to security mechanism.
Onion Routing is a general-purpose infrastructure for private communication over a public network [3, 4, 6].
Capabilities of anonymizing systems connection data system anonymity anonymity personalization Anonymizer low high n/a Onion Routing high n/a n/a Crowds high n/a n/a P3P n/a medium medium LPWA low medium high