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Remarks Holly George-Warren in her volume one liner notes, "Since rock & roll's earliest roots, women have played a crucial--though often unheralded--role in the music's development.
For the second time in ve years, king of the one liners and pun-meister general Tim Vine has won the funniest joke of the festival award, in a competition run by comedy television channel Dave.
Almost Joke Book" is a collection of one liners from Marty Drexler offering his brand of humor through a simple and straightforward book filled with one liners.
Smart dialogues and one liners match the clever, imaginative drawings, as when Jeremy makes a point of watching his father closely: "Every move, every expression, every nuance of his behavior is carefully catalogued and stored.
The ads and outtakes will act as a centerpiece for a microsite called "Carne Asada Improv" which also houses an interactive web component where fans can create their own comical dialogue and engage in a series of tit-for-tat one liners with the lions acting the straight man.
Audiences said the funniest comedians ever were Morecambe and Wise, who combined visual gags, one liners and anecdotal humour so successfully.
Join Brian Cryer and Colin Seller for a night of one liners and some of the best jokes around.
As the two get to know each other over SKYY martinis and catty one liners, the audience learns there is a big difference between perception and reality.