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Synonyms for omnibus

an anthology of articles on a related subject or an anthology of the works of a single author

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providing for many things at once

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We pontificate on their livelihoods, their attitudes, their output, when our experience of working the land amounts to tending our window boxes and listening to the omnibus edition of The Archers on Sunday mornings.
It's a line-up with more bookings than an omnibus edition of The Bill.
Omnibus edition Sunday afternoons with automatic English subtitles Pobol y Cwm S4C, Llun-Gwener 8pm
The minutes continue: "Making reference to Pobol y Cwm, the director said that the returning drama's audience was around 40,000 and that consequently S4C's recently-announced decision to reduce its financial contribution to the series, thus leading to fewer episodes per year and dropping the Sunday afternoon omnibus edition (the channel's only programme with open English language subtitles and with 50% of its audience non-Welsh speakers), would further decrease the channel's peak-time average audience.
Tundra Books has recently re-issued the three books in an omnibus edition entitled Escape from Berlin (available in paperback and eBook) for readers to discover and enjoy.
Pamela: 26 miles on the bounce Men around the world once drooled over images of her running along the beach in a red swimsuit and now ex-Baywatch star Pamela Anderson is giving fans the omnibus edition.
We have the omnibus edition of our five titles on a branded USB stick readable on any device.
Pontypridd LINDASAYS: Explain that a new relationship with someone whose life is also akin to a Christmas omnibus edition of Eastenders is not on your list of things to do before you die.
30pm, omnibus edition on Friday & Sunday, with on-screen English subtitles FFION Llwyd has been busy enjoying Freshers Week at a clutch of universities -though she doesn't have to attend a single lecture nor pen an essay or a dissertation.
After all, a wayward teen who is content to have a needle drilled into her face 56 times, shouldn't be nervous of any punishment ( short of being forced to watch the omnibus edition of EastEnders, which is more painful than any needle
Having spent hours ploughing through the card while watching the omnibus edition of Hollyoaks - Mandy or Louise, what chance has poor Warren got?
We were in the middle of an omnibus edition of How Clean Is Your House?
Dear Editor, In reference to the article about Kathleen Dayus and the Omnibus edition of her books just published (Just a kid from Hockley, Post, Sept 30) it may interest you to know that Central Television filmed a drama-documentary of her first book.
Omnibus edition of the whole week's episodes every Sunday at 10am