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beaten eggs or an egg mixture cooked until just set

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The main difference between this and classic French omlette is that the Spanish variety is a thick, set omlette, almost like a cake, which can be cut into slices.
The restaurant (the "Restaurant") will be Royal's first restaurant centered around the theme of the Womlett(R), a food item created by Royal, consisting of an omlette dome baked onto a waffle.
THE world's most expensive omlette has gone on sale for pounds 90 but your favourite restaurant reviewer won't be trying it.
There was a little pot of what I think were tiny fresh soya beans in a white, creamy sauce containing cococut plus, in other sections, a couple of slices of sweet, spongy omlette and a combination of mushrooms, lotus roots and bits and pieces I couldn't readily identify in a light soya sauce.
Each egg would make an omlette large enough for 15 people - or take between 50 and 90 minutes to boil.
With bread, Catalan omlette and half a litre of red wine, my bill was pounds 6.
Scientists have developed a robot that can make an omlette, dust and wash the dishes.
Top chef Tom Kime said "f*** hell" under his breath when his eggs stuck to the pan in the weekly challenge where two cooks race to cook an omlette fastest.
Breakfast: Weetabix with skimmed milk Lunch: Soup or omlette, water or sugarfree drink Dinner: Pasta, rice or jacket potato with veg, fruit, low-fat yoghurt, water Snack: Fruit
MONDAY: SIngapore noodles Cost per head: 99p' TUESDAY: Salmon Fish Cakes Cost per head: 67p' WEDNESDAY: Veg Pasta Bake Cost per head: 62p' THURSDAY: Mushroom omlette and baked potato Cost per head: 76p' FRIDAY: Fish pie Cost per head: 79p
Veg pakora, veg samosa or chicken/lamb kebab followed by a chicken, lamb or veg curry (korma, bhuna, madras or pathia) or a chicken/mushroom omlette served with your choice of pilau rice or naan bread.