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beaten eggs or an egg mixture cooked until just set

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Users have full control of their data Omlet lets users decide where to store their data using services such as Box, Dropbox, or Baidu Cloud.
The Social Gallery feature built on the Omlet platform will allow users to build, share and comment on a photo album with friends without the use of any central data storage.
Says Omlet Ltd in its marketing brochure: "Designer chic for the modern living concept produces a lot of interesting new things for urban life.
The ASUS ZenFone is ushering in an entirely new model of mobile sharing," said Monica Lam, co-founder and CEO of MobiSocial, the makers of Omlet Chat.
Wnewch chi ddim omlet heb dorri wyau meddai'r hen air Saesneg (neu Ffrangeg falle), a beryg y bydd rhaid i'n cyfryngau ni ddigio pobol i lwyddo.
There are about 550 movies and TV series available on Omlet.
A new beehive design by Omlet - makers of the Eglu urban chicken coop - aims to make it easier for people to keep bees in towns and cities, even if they do not have much space.
MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif, and AUSTIN, Texas, March 7, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- SxSW - Omlet Chat, the world's first open mobile sharing and collaboration platform, launched today at the SxSW Accelerator competition.
We have launched the region's first comprehensive online destination - Omlet.
Cawsom weld bywyd prysur y fferm, mwynhau omlet o wyau ffres i ginio, a lawr i'r traeth wedyn (oedd yn llawn dop).
Yn gyffredinol, mae'r pryd tryma' yn cael ei fwyta amser cinio, gyda phryd ysgafn gyda'r nos, fel cawl, omlet neu ddarn bach o gig.
Frittata di verdure is a vegetable omlet with fresh mint, cheese and pesto.
If you liked what Dyson did for the vacuum cleaner, you'll love what Omlet has done to hen housing.
MOSCOW and MONTREAL -- Vantrix, the global leader of mobile video optimization and delivery solutions, today announced that MTS (Mobile TeleSystems OJSC), the largest mobile phone operator in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) with over 102 million subscribers, has selected Vantrix for its content portal, Omlet.