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a city of east central Honshu

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and we don't know yet whether Hitachi needs our hands," Omiya said, noting that Hitachi recently purchased Horizon Nuclear Power Ltd.
With the assistance of the Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA), a basket loaded with Ohio processed foods such as pasta, maple syrup, honey, jams & jellies and cookies will be presented to Saitama Governor Tsuchiya today in the city of Omiya.
The popular puzzle series' latest installment is being developed by Omiya Soft and will feature exciting online battle via Xbox Live.
Replacing the current lineside signalling and the ageing ATS train protection equipment, the company said it will deploy the moving-block train control system on the 37 km Saikyo Line between Ikebukuro and Omiya.
said Wednesday it will promote Senior Executive Vice President Shunichi Miyanaga to president on April 1 when President Hideaki Omiya will become chairman.
Mitsubishi Heavy President Hideaki Omiya said, "We would like to make it a thermal power system company that leads the global market.
Anne Lauvergeon, CEO of AREVA, met today with Kazuo Tsukuda and Hideaki Omiya, respectively Chairman and President of MHI, in Tokyo.
Former Urawa Mayor Soichi Aikawa won Sunday's first mayoral election of the city of Saitama, created May 1 through a merger of the cities of Urawa, Omiya and Yono in Saitama Prefecture, north of Tokyo, beating seven other candidates.
Kansei Corporation is a Japan-based company with headquarters in Omiya, Japan, and 1997 sales of nearly 110 billion yen.
A merger of the cities of Urawa, Omiya and Yono in Saitama Prefecture, north of Tokyo, will give birth Tuesday to the city of Saitama, with a population of about 1.
Michael Ungerer, president of AIDA Cruises, and Hideaki Omiya, MHI chairman, among others has attended the keel laying ceremony.
At JR Omiya station in Saitama Prefecture, a 200 series train, one that has been running since the start of the service, is featured as the day's special service to Niigata.
Saitama City became Japan's latest metropolis on Tuesday and the capital of Saitama Prefecture, located north of Tokyo, in a merger of the cities of Urawa, Omiya and Yono.
said it temporarily suspended trains of its Tohoku Shinkansen Line between Ueno and Omiya, affecting 12,000 passengers, as well as local trains of the Joban Line and the Keiyo Line, used by visitors to Tokyo Disneyland.
The new Saitama City government, comprising the former cities of Urawa, Omiya and Yono, experienced some technical difficulties on its first day in office.