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the ending of a series or sequence


the last (24th) letter of the Greek alphabet

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We see the omega-7 category growing as customers search for new clinically documented products and formulation ideas within the omega space," said Dan Wiley, vice president of nutrition and health at Organic Technologies.
Omega created the NorthFace ScoreBoard Award program to recognize organizations like DataDirect that offer exemplary service and center their existence on a deep commitment to exceeding customer expectations," said Anthony Santilli, chief customer officer of Omega Management Group.
Sponsored by the Omega Management Group, this annual award recognizes organizations that provide exemplary customer service and demonstrate a deep commitment to exceed all customer expectations.
Per-Se's Physician Services division received the award at the Omega Loyalty Management Conference held in Boston on April 20.
Independent Customer Survey Organization Honors Micro Focus SupportLine and Development Teams with OMEGA NorthFace ScoreBoard(SM) Award; SupportLine Sales Team Wins Award for First Time
He also assumes responsibility for the company's annual Loyalty Management Strategy Conference, where OMEGA presents its annual NorthFace ScoreBoard(SM) Awards to companies who have achieved excellence in customer satisfaction.
For the third consecutive year, Omega Management Group Corporation honored Micro Focus with this award based on its superior customer service and technical support.
The year's first major conference and tradeshow in the CRM and contact center markets promises to be the industry's blockbuster event as OMEGA Management Group Corp.
Recognizing that Customer Management is the single most significant contributor to increased sales and profits, OMEGA Management Group Corp.