omega-3 fatty acid

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a polyunsaturated fatty acid whose carbon chain has its first double valence bond three carbons from the beginning

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Algae does not contain such heavy metals and therefore BioTork's omega-3 oil is free of heavy metals.
Oceans Omega s technology is compatible with many omega-3 oil sources, including fish oils, algal oils and krill oils with various purification levels.
The majority of omega-3 oil currently comes from fish, which may harbour toxins and pollution contaminants that have been concentrated by the animal.
CSIRO and commercial partner Nuseed--with financial support from the Australian Grains Research and Development Corporation--have signed two major agreements to develop and market plant-made 'DHA-rich' long-chain omega-3 oils.
Because the fetal and infant brain is unable to convert enough alpha-linolenic oil (an omega-3 oil found in some plant oils) into DHA, the baby almost totally depends on its mother for its supply.
one of the largest pasta sauce makers m the natural foods industry, announced it will introduce Millina's Healthy Kitchen line of pasta sauces fortified with Omega-3 oil, and marketed as a heart-healthy food choice.
Depending on size, this species contained up to three times as much omega-3 oil as the Chinook salmon.
They state water extraction also makes SOURCE OIL the first and only naturally high DHA omega-3 oil.
Jim Astwood to Drive Company Expansion of Product Lines for Algae-Based Omega-3 Oil Technologies
You also get a daily omega-3 oil capsule, which research suggests can boost your baby's healthy brain development.
Results published in the Nutrition Journal earlier this year found that the WisdOM-3 emulsified oil products allow double the amount of omega-3 oil absorption compared with the standard omega-3 oils and capsules, which are widely available in health food shops and supermarkets.
Pure Sunflower is already high in Omega-6, but the addition of Omega-3 oil is a significant development for the product, building on the brand's strong dairy-free proposition," says brand manager Bronwen Arthur.
The Denomega[TM] 100 Omega-3 oil is the pure oil and the preferred choice for all applications that allow oil inclusion.
A new tortilla chip now available at health-food stores offers 500 mg of ALA omega-3 oil per ounce.
The project aims to identify and transfer genes for essential omega-3 oil (fatty acid) production, from marine microalgae to oilseed plants such as canola or linseed.