omega-3 fatty acid

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a polyunsaturated fatty acid whose carbon chain has its first double valence bond three carbons from the beginning

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This has resulted in collaboration with Professor Peer Schenk, at the University of Queensland, who has been researching the opportunity to use microalgae grown in small ponds as an omega-3 oil source for human consumption, biofuels and a protein source for stockfeed.
Algae does not contain such heavy metals and therefore BioTork's omega-3 oil is free of heavy metals.
Qualitas Health CTO, Dr Isaac Berzin, said, 'Exclusive access to Valicor's extraction technology gives us a significant technological advantage and reduces the time-to-market of our pure-EPA omega-3 oil from algae.
The majority of omega-3 oil currently comes from fish, which may harbour toxins and pollution contaminants that have been concentrated by the animal.
CSIRO and commercial partner Nuseed--with financial support from the Australian Grains Research and Development Corporation--have signed two major agreements to develop and market plant-made 'DHA-rich' long-chain omega-3 oils.
New Natunola[R] Omega-3 Oil Gel 310 combines the goodness of Omega-3 fatty acid found within flaxseed oil and the stability of Natunola[R] Canola Oil.
Because the fetal and infant brain is unable to convert enough alpha-linolenic oil (an omega-3 oil found in some plant oils) into DHA, the baby almost totally depends on its mother for its supply.
one of the largest pasta sauce makers m the natural foods industry, announced it will introduce Millina's Healthy Kitchen line of pasta sauces fortified with Omega-3 oil, and marketed as a heart-healthy food choice.
Depending on size, this species contained up to three times as much omega-3 oil as the Chinook salmon.
Softgel capsules dominate the omega-3 oil supplement market as the encapsulation procedure is very compatible with the oil, and consumers have become very comfortable with the format.
This emulsion technology and delivery method decelerates the breakdown of the nutritional content of the omega-3 oil by slowing its natural rancidity process, allowing vendors to provide high-quality products with extended shelf life.
They state water extraction also makes SOURCE OIL the first and only naturally high DHA omega-3 oil.
You also get a daily omega-3 oil capsule, which research suggests can boost your baby's healthy brain development.
Results published in the Nutrition Journal earlier this year found that the WisdOM-3 emulsified oil products allow double the amount of omega-3 oil absorption compared with the standard omega-3 oils and capsules, which are widely available in health food shops and supermarkets.
Pure Sunflower is already high in Omega-6, but the addition of Omega-3 oil is a significant development for the product, building on the brand's strong dairy-free proposition," says brand manager Bronwen Arthur.