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the modern revival of the ancient games held once every 4 years in a selected country

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The Olympics are going to majorly impact the network's schedule.
Shriver, Special Olympics CEO and Chairman, expands on Disney's and ESPN's 30-year commitment to Special Olympics.
Students are chosen according to their interests as the Olympics started with physics and later math and chemistry in the following year after the number of students increased rapidly.
The ceremony was notably attended by Cabinet Ministers, President of Morocco's royal athletics federation and Special Olympics President.
4am Vancouver Olympics, Short-track Skating (Eurosport)
We want to put on an Olympics where the athletes are the stars.
Across the city, projects are moving forward that would not have been possible without planning for the Olympics.
Greece is now spending at least three times what Australia paid for security during the Sydney Olympics in 2000, and has involved NATO forces in the effort.
Bringing the Olympics to Greece has not been without controversy.
The rapid approach of the 2004 Olympics is giving added meaning to the word "risk.
Browse by school subject, such as social studies, and discover a lesson about the 1936 Olympics in Berlin or visit Language Arts to write a letter to Jesse Owens.
The Olympic torch will have passed through 46 states and 80 cities by the completion of its 13,500-mile odyssey to Salt Lake city for the 2002 Winter Olympics.
As the Special Olympics speed skaters entered the final lap of the 500-meter competition, Pat Burnett started in disbelief.
One such major event occurred a few years ago when the city of New Haven, Connecticut, and the surrounding area hosted the 9-day Special Olympics World Games for athletes with mental disabilities.