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an athletic contest consisting of five different events

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More precisely, the time period covered by this study lies between 1894, when the idea of a new form of Olympic pentathlon was mentioned for the first time, and 1913, one year after the fifth Olympic Games, when a first analysis of the Modern Pentathlon's debut was possible.
The multi-event dual meet is named after 1912 Olympic pentathlon and decathlon champion Jim Thorpe.
The Open competitions see the best in the sport in action and several Pony Clubbers have gone on from Tetrathlon to represent Britain in the Olympic Pentathlon event.
Peters, the 1972 Olympic pentathlon champion, said: 'Colin has been so dignified and successful throughout his entire career.
After graduating, he finished fifth in the 1912 Olympic pentathlon and had a stint under Gen.
Mary Peters, Olympic pentathlon champion in 1972, was made a Dame for services to sport and Northern Ireland and McLaren Formula One chief Ron Dennis earned a CBE.
1972 - Northern Ireland's Mary Peters wins Olympic Pentathlon gold.
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