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the ancient Panhellenic celebration at Olympia in honor of Zeus

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Dr Brookes also helped set up the Shropshire Games in 1861 and five years later the National Olympian Games.
The first Wenlock Olympian Games were held in the town in that year.
Little is known of those original Olympian Games in Much Wenlock, although it would be fair to assume Britain didn't win many medals there either.
Such was the success of his Liverpool Festivals, a National Olympian Games was staged in London, organised by him, in 1866.
A lack of glamour amid the humble line-up of amateur sportsmen and modest surroundings of leisure centre arenas won't put off the competitors or spectators at the 125th Wenlock Olympian Games.
John Hulley Two were staged outside Liverpool, in Llandudno - and the appeal spread so far that a First National Olympian Games was staged in London.
Interestingly, the village of Cressage is for the Olympian games that were set up in Olympics.
The Wenlock Olympian Games are still held every July in the Shropshire village, attracting athletes from across the UK.
Weedon took the men's foil title in the 123rd Much Wenlock Olympian Games - a multi-event competition which was the forerunner to the modern-day Olympics.
Every year they still host the Wenlock Olympian Games, and this year they'll be extra special, given the connection with the London games.
The Midlands lays claim to being the birthplace of the modern international Olympics, with the Wenlock Olympian Games being held regularly since 1850 in Much Wenlock, Shropshire.
His idea for the Wenlock Olympian Games in 1850 continues to this day.
They emerged with prizes from the Much Wenlock Open foil competition, part of the Much Wenlock Olympian Games, which predates the modern Olympic Games.
In my opinion, the Olympic committee will protect their sponsors at all costs - 'Olympian' story which could be a winner Case study Former journalist and PR consultant Jocelyne Fildes published her first children's book this year about the Wenlock Olympian Games told through the eyes of a piglet - but encountered legal issues in the process.