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Synonyms for Olympiad

one of the four-year intervals between Olympic Games

the modern revival of the ancient games held once every 4 years in a selected country

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We note that the prize winner of last year's Lomonosov Olympiad in history, Alexei Zubkov , was enrolled in the number of students of the History and Philology Faculty without a competition in 2017 and receives a 20,000-ruble Rector's scholarship to be awarded to the winners of the All-Russian Olympiads.
At the same time, the winter school focused on acceleration of the process of preparation for international Olympiads, revisions to cement the topics covered during the academic year and solution of new tasks for Olympiad.
Damascus, SANA-Some 412 students from all syrian provinces will participate at the final competitions of the Syrian Scientific Olympiad for 2017-2018 which will be held next Saturday.
Another important objective of the Olympiads is for young people to experience different cultures and to bring about interactions between students from across the world.
As shown in the last column of the accompanying table, the average ranking of the Iranian teams in the Olympiads this year was 6.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Physics Olympiad team grabbed 2 gold and 3 silver medals in the 48th International Physics Olympiad 2017.
KARACHI -- The International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO) has selected a senior Pakistani professor as a member of the IChO's steering committee.
Representing Pakistan in various International Science Olympiads in Vietnam, Georgia, Hong Kong and Switzerland, Pakistani students have won four Bronze Medals and one Honourable Mention for the country.
According to him, the first participation begins Sunday for one week in the Mendeleyev Chemistry Olympiads (Mcho) in Armenia with four students representing the country.
The 4th stage of the olympiad will be attended by winners of regional olympiads.
This year, Rajasthan stands at the second position considering the total number of students selected for the second stage of the International Olympiads.
BE[pounds sterling]KREE[currency] (CyHAN)- As part of the 12 th International Turkish Olympiads held by the Turkish Education Association (TE[pounds sterling]RKEcEDER), students, participating in the olympiads from many parts of the world, visited Bucharest, where song contest of the olympiads will be held.
Noida (Uttar Pradesh), May 24 ( ANI ): The week long "3rd Amity International Olympiad for Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology" and "16th Amity National Mathematics Olympiad Workshop" organized by Amity Institute of Competitive Examination (AICE) and Amity Centre for Science Olympiads (ACSO) from May 19- 24, 2014 concluded today at the Amity Campus.
As with Olympic selection for our sporting heroes, the process to select students to represent Australia at the International Science Olympiads is multi-stage and intense.
Qatar Foundation vice chairman and Doha Independent Secondary School for Boys Board of Trustees chairman Dr Saif Ali al-Hajri stressed that the participation of Qatar in such Olympiads will help increase the capabilities of Qatari students and raise the country's level of participation in international competitions.