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United States landscape architect primarily responsible for the design of Central Park in New York City (1822-1903)

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To have the Olmsted of our time focusing on this, I think, is extraordinary," Garcetti said.
Olmsted Scholars enroll as full-time students and study in the language of their host county while also interacting with host country residents.
The program, set up by The George and Carol Olmsted Foundation in 1959, offers financial grants to active-duty military officers for two years of graduate studies in a foreign university.
In "The Appraisal of Power Plants," Pomykacz and Olmsted look at the characteristics of power plants, or electricity-generating stations, and the unique and interesting appraisal problems that are created by the characteristics.
Located in North Olmsted, Ganley Honda dealership proudly serves clients throughout Cleveland and the surrounding locations with an expansive inventory of models to choose from, such as the Accord, Civic, CRV, Odyssey, and Pilot.
Olmsted is, of course, best known for an almost entirely artificial landscape, New York's Central Park, where tree-fringed pastoral meadows alternate with formal elements (like the Mall), highly informal planting (like the Ramble), and lakes and water features, all constructed by human hand.
Now Olmsted has the unenviable task of trying to fix a once-proud Nichols College program that has only won nine games since 2008 and is coming off a 1-8 season.
Olmsted engaged in a heated and profanity-laced argument with student demonstrators - and he also shoved a couple of them.
Catholic, and especially Bryan Cones, for excellent coverage of the controversial policy of Phoenix Bishop Thomas Olmsted to restrict the distribution of holy communion to exclude the Precious Blood, except for a few "special occasions" ("You're cut off," The Examined Life, December).
Olmsted himself further clarified this point in a column he wrote for the Nov.
Frederick Law Olmsted is best known for creating Manhattan's Central Park, that heavenly expanse of green amidst the skyscrapers, which provides respite for millions of city-dwellers who measure elbow room in inches, not acres.
Frederick Law Olmsted, or "FLO," best known as the designer behind New York City's Central Park, may well be "the most important American historical figure that the average person knows least about," writes Justin Martin, author of Genius of Place: The Life of Frederick Law Olmsted (Da Capo Press).
In late December 2010, Bishop Thomas Olmsted announced he was revoking the standing of St.
During the course of their work, the Past Presidents Committee compiled a timeline of WILPF's office history, largely drawn from the book, One Woman's Passion for Peace and Freedom: The Life of Mildred Scott Olmsted, by Margaret Hope Bacon.
As Olmsted points out, Aristotle's Rhetoric and Cicero's De Oratore suppose that 'we deliberate without full knowledge of the things relevant to our decisions,' and despite the persistent desire for 'a perfect science or expertise that can disclose the particular, always shifting, partly unknown things that we apprehend from apparently "subjective" points of view in ordinary life and in politics' that has dogged Western philosophy since Plato criticized rhetoric in the Gorgias, this remains our situation.