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a member of an early Mesoamerican civilization centered around Veracruz that flourished between 1300 and 400 BC

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l), it gathers together the remnants of an entire civilisation, or rather sequence of civilizations--from the remotest period of the Olmecs, dating back to the second millennium BC, up to the Aztec empire and its brutal terminus after the arrival of the Spanish in the early 16th century.
We cannot say with certainty where the Olmec came from or whether they were direct descendants of the indigenous population; but that much of their sculpture, especially the colossal heads, reveals an ancient Africoid presence in the Americas seems to me should be beyond clear and sane rebuttal.
Chrisman is summoning the Olmec culture of ancient Mexico (500 B.
People from the Mayan, Aztec and Olmec cultures drank the beverage to increase stamina, fight fatigue and build up disease resistance.
The auction also features Art of the ancient Americas with impressive offerings of Pre-Columbian art from numerous cultures including the Maya, Olmec, and Inca, notably a striking Inca Feather Headdress (Lot 180) made from brilliantly colored Amazonian bird feathers, and a parade of fine Panamanian/Costa Rican pottery vessels in various shapes and sizes (Lot 154-176).
With a 393-sq-m terrace, 23-m show kitchen, 109-m cigar lounge and 34-sq-m VIP dining room, the venue mixes decor stories from ancient Mayan, Aztec and Olmec civilisations through to Spanish colonisation in more recent times.
The interior of Izel tells the story of ancient Mayan, Aztec and Olmec civilisations through murals, hieroglyphs and stone treasures.
In Olmec to Aztec: Settlement Patterns in the Ancient Gulf Lowlands, edited by B.
Radiocarbon dating at Ceibal challenges previous proposals that Maya civilization arose either on its own or from the direct influence of southern Mexico's Olmec civilization, which dates from roughly 3,500 to 2,400 years ago.
The second believes that the Maya civilization developed as the result of direct influences from the older Olmec civilization and its center of La Venta.
That does not make the Maya civilization older than the Olmec civilization - since Olmec had another center prior to La Venta - nor does it prove that the Maya civilization developed entirely independently, researchers said.
Regarding your Black History Month cover story on Africa's lost tribe in Mexico (NA, Oct), it was when I read Basil Davidson's The Lost Cities of Africa that I discovered the probable history of those Olmec heads of Africans.
VISIT The fusion of Spanish and American cultures make it attractive to travellers, along with hot white beaches - perfect for sunbathing, snorkelling and surfing - and historic ruins from the Aztec, Mayan, and Olmec civilisations.
At a time when Europeans were still counting with their fingers, the Olmec had already invented the number zero.
It has been identified as a pre-Columbian civic-ceremonial center of the Southern Gulf Coast Olmec civilization.