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United States filmmaker (born in 1946)


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Savages" is Oliver Stone back on his game, and with the all-star cast, sleek cinematography and gritty screenplay, it's the first must-see he's given us in years.
The buzz in the bar was that Colin may be gearing up to play Barry in the movie of his life, directed, of course, by Oliver Stone.
THE REEL THING: It could be Drumcree: The Movie, with Hollywood Stars Angelina Jolie and Colin Farrell preparing to fly into Belfast for the wedding of the actor, Ian Beattie; WEDDING: Belfast actor Ian Beattie; EPIC DIRECTOR: Oliver Stone
AT FIRST GLANCE, THE PREMISE of Eric Hamburg's new memoir, JFK, Nixon, Oliver Stone and Me, seems very cinematic.
It's always amazing to read the screenplay of a story as controversial as this one, and Oliver Stone and Zachary Sklar make a major contribution by publishing the script, dotted with historical notes and comments.
Simunek says, "We applaud Oliver Stone for showing the same sort of courage in his support for the marijuana cause that he's shown with so many other issues, past and present.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Triple Oscar-winning, anti-White House Director Oliver Stone will join his son in Iran later this month to make arrangements for a documentary.
The film's director, Oliver Stone, has spoken about how Carey and Shia's romance was down to him.
VIGILANTE film-maker Oliver Stone casts his eye over the life and career of GeorgeWBush starting in 2002 with the War on Terror gathering momentum.
Thirty years ago on this stage, I was ejected for being inebriated,'' said Oliver Stone (Best Director), whose ``World Trade Center'' was named best film.
Armstrong, who was in New York on September 11, said: "When Oliver Stone gave me the script, I realised it was very visual and I responded to that.
Despite fears that such a high-profile production could be the next obvious target for terrorists, Intermedia film chief Moritz Borman, whose company is producing the Oliver Stone version of the Greek general said they are satisfied now with new security initiatives taken by the Moroccan authorities.
The following year, he co-starred with Michael Douglas in Wall Street, also an Oliver Stone film.
Seuss), Stanley Kramer, "Grandpa" Al Lewis, Marilyn Manson, Yoko Ono, Tim Robbins, Gene Roddenberry, Salman Rushdie, Susan Sarandon, Charles Schulz, Gloria Steinem, Oliver Stone, Tom Toles, Ted Turner, and Alice Walker.
Plus shy, retiring Oliver Stone as a sports commentator.