Oliver Cromwell

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English general and statesman who led the parliamentary army in the English Civil War (1599-1658)

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Oliver Cromwell about to leave Liverpool Lime Street
Sharpe goes on to argue that the republic, in contrast, failed to find its own mode of representation; images of kingship remained culturally dominant even during the republic, and came to the political foreground with the installation of Oliver Cromwell as Lord Protector, a king in all but name well before the actual restoration of monarchy in 1660.
PETER HEDGER and Tom Dascombe enjoyed a welcome change of luck when Oliver Cromwell bounced back to form to win the racingpost.
THE wreck of an ancient ship sent by Oliver Cromwell to conquer the Scots is thought to have been discovered in seas off the island of Mull.
At considerable personal and financial risk, Williams sojourned in London (there in fellowship with prominent friends, too, such as Oliver Cromwell and John Milton) while negotiating the Rhode Island Charter; but after twelve years, John Clarke got the charter in 1663 from Charles II, a king most unlikely to approve a civil state and support religious liberty
AN English Catholic Priest is to boycott celebrations of the 400th anniversary of Oliver Cromwell because of the historical figure's exploits in Ireland.
The deciding factor was Oliver Cromwell (1599-1658), who fought for Parliament and unexpectedly turned out to be an outstanding general.
Sources: Firth, Sir Charles, Oliver Cromwell and the Puritan Revolution.
Her works include The Thirty Years ' War (1938); Oliver Cromwell (1939; revised 1973); the two volumes of the Great Rebellion, The King 's Peace: 1637 - 1641 (1955) and The King 's War: 1641 - 1647 (1958); A Coffin for King Charles (1964); Milton and His World (1969); and The Political Career of Peter Paul Rubens (1975).
This historical study for scholars and general readers re-examines the events surrounding the efforts of British military commander Oliver Cromwell to take control of Jamaica and the Caribbean from the Spanish in the 17th century.
Other environmental activists attached gas masks to other statues across the capital, including those of Oliver Cromwell and Winston Churchill outside Parliament.
1649: Oliver Cromwell abolished the office of King and declared England a Commonwealth.
The train will run from Liverpool to Carlisle, hauled by four different steam locomotives, including Britannia class No 70013 Oliver Cromwell.
1653: Oliver Cromwell made himself Lord Protector, becoming an uncrowned king for the next four years.
Britannia class No 70013 Oliver Cromwell was used on BR's last passenger train, the infamous "Fifteen Guinea Special" which ran from Liverpool to Carlisle, in August, 1968.