Old Prussian

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a dead language of the (non-German) Prussians (extinct after 1700)

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In the Nauen church district, Pastor Herbert Posth exemplified the dogged perseverance necessary to advance the cause of the Confessing Church against the German Christian ideologues in the Old Prussian Union Church government.
While Karl Steger thrived as an effective propagandist for the German Christian cause in Friedrichshafen, Pastor Herbert Posth of Berge preserved his position as a leading Confessing Church pastor in the Nauen district of the Brandenburg Church Province thanks to his dogged perseverance in the face of opposition from Old Prussian Union Church superiors and local German Christian foes.
In command was Korvettenkapitan Karl von Muller, a member of an old Prussian military family.
The title aptly summarizes the intent of the book: to understand the institutionalization of the Confessing Church in the territory of the Old Prussian Union (BKdAPU) as an early form of resistance to National Socialism.
To man the fleet on mobilization, the new Navy would adopt a variant of the old Prussian army reserve system.