Old Faithful

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a geyser in Yellowstone National Park that erupts for about 4 minutes about every 65 minutes

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Merging with Alien Gear Holsters, based in Hayden, Idaho, further increases Old Faithful Holster's share in the CCW holster market, according to Thomas Tedder, Tedder Industries president.
Old Faithful Sprinkler System, a leader in smart water-saving practices, is delivering real results by:
My old faithful Labrador lived to be 16, but this would have meant she was 112 years old when she died.
If he comes through his ttrials and gets registered in time, we might aim him at Sheffield's Betfred Steel City Cup [500m, starts Tuesday July 31], but old faithful Bling Bling could go for that too after his Select Stakes engagement.
I feel this image works because it successfully conveys the grandeur of Old Faithful in terms of its scale, energy, light and color.
The set-list will be spontaneously built around audience requests, so it's a good idea to ponder in advance which old faithful tunes you'd like to hear.
Standing at the edge of Old Faithful, you can feel the tension mount as the crowd anticipates the next explosion of boiling water and steam.
Travel Business Review-27 August 2010-Yellowstone National Parks Opens Old Faithful Visitor Education Centre(C)2010 ENPublishing - http://www.
For example, we discovered that Old Faithful has continued to spout on average approximately every 91 minutes for the past 30 years.
But the glorious granddaddy of them all is the Old Faithful which, at pounds 6.
Nomads stepped up the pace and although Barton tested new keeper Demitri Brinias, it was old faithful Tommy Mutton who fired the winning goal four minutes from the end.
An internal heat source probably drives the geyser, which looks like Yellowstone's Old Faithful.
We were in geyser country and this was Lone Star Geyser ) bigger than its more famous cousin ) Old Faithful.
At Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, geysers such as the famous Old Faithful regularly spout water hundreds of feet into the air.