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a public school for boys founded in 1440

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Why mention the 19 Old Etonians (OEs) in government?
But Lord Tebbit suggested that his view of Mr Cameron's background and the cabal of fellow Old Etonians in the upper reaches of the Tory Party was not shared by the British public.
The 22 pupils from Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 had been coached for the competition by Bill Gurney, formerly head of English at King Edward VI Aston School, who invited his fellow Old Etonian, Everyman's Library publisher David Campbell, to present the prizes.
THE beleaguered peasantry of this once great country, huddled and cold in their over-mortgaged hovels, are looking to our gallant team of old Etonian multi-millionaires to ride into battle with the power barons.
Old Etonian Foreign Office Minister Henry Bellingham said: "If we sold the cellar, we'd have to buy wine.
SOMEONE wrote to me recently scolding me for referring to David Cameron as the Old Etonian, rather than Prime Minister.
It might be acceptable for the odd Old Etonian to make it into government.
DAVIDCAMERON was just 1-25 yesterday in the race to be the next Tory leader, but that failed to deter one punter from having pounds 200,000 on the old Etonian, writes Dan Childs.
Sebastian Nokes, 34, an Old Etonian, wants reinstatement or compensation from his former employer, Credit Suisse First Boston.
James, an Old Etonian pal of the PM, reckons the merged electrical Goliath will need more "retail" staff.
Of course, we know that the new Archbishop is an Old Etonian.
Disappointing as it may be to conspiracy theorists, it was because someone at No 10, not the Old Etonian himself, had seen me on telly mouthing off about it all.
I always thought it was an archaic and patronising attitude to the lower classes" - Old Etonian Nick Fraser, editor of the BBC Storyville series.
The Old Etonian went on to play The Baron in the television adaptation of Jeffrey Archer's novel Kane and Abel in 1985.
They include financial journalist Annunziata Rees-Mogg, daughter of life peer William Rees-Mogg and brother of Old Etonian candidate Jacob - who last year revealed she had resisted pressure from Cameron to "de-posh" herself by changing her name to Nancy.