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En este trabajo sostendremos que el ciclo Oktober puede ser leido en terminos de una reflexion del propio artista sobre los sentidos generados alrededor de la imagen en los diversos espacios institucionales de circulacion del arte.
Sonder die konteks van Oktober sou etlike van die foto's maar bra flou oorkom, soos byvoorbeeld die jukstaponering van die plastiekgrassnyer en die twee lee gemmerbierbottels.
Hartinger notes that the deep maltiness of Oktober Fest-Marzen comes in part from decoction mashing, "a time- and equipment-intensive process" that he notes is not common outside Germany and the Czech Republic.
An Oktober presentation in association with YLE TV2, the Finnish Film Foundation, AVEK, MEDIA Programme, NFTF, ARTE, Swedish Film Institute, SVT, ERR.
Hy was getroud met Diane (nee De Villiers) wat hom op 26 Oktober 2007 ontval het.
Mutter Natur brachte jedoch in den wichtigsten landwirtschaftlichen Regionen Hollands und Belgiens eine unwillkommene zweieinhalb Monate dauernde Troekenheit; der Regen setzte erst Anfang Oktober ein.
After the turkey, turkey sandwiches and turkey curry, the yearly pilgrimage to Black Forest gateau and, keeping a Germanic theme, the joy of Golden Oktober, it will be time to gird one's loins for 2010 (unless one is in the Scottish Isles where first footing takes the amber haze into January).
He first published this book in Dutch as Oktober 1914: Het koninkro'k gered door de zee (Erpe, 2004).
Five operas, Brief Encounter, Fantasia, Bambi (still makes me weep buckets), A Man for All Seasons, Amadeus, Immortal Beloved (a yarn about Beethoven), The Hunt for Red Oktober and two versions of Swan Lake, which my children used to call 'Swine' Lake, just to annoy me.
But the visitors, playing their first Test in Wales, grabbed the opening try as Ronwin Kelly scorched in from distance, Lebeth Oktober converting.
oktober 2004 A/S" that it would obtain 20% ownership of Telmore International Holding.
In fact, she is the Durannie of the Week on the website for the forthcoming Duran Duran convention, called Secret Oktober.
Kuhn, wat op 8 Oktober 2003, honderd jaar oud sou gewees het.
Stay in a pretty resort in the Austrian Tirol and get transferred into Munich for the world-famous Oktober Fest.
His attempts to copy the famous Scot's portrayal of a Russian sub commander in The Hunt for Red Oktober, had Sir Sean in stitches.