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Synonyms for offshore

(of winds) coming from the land

at some distance from the shore

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away from shore


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Digibank has joined the ranks of Class-A licensed offshore banks of the Commonwealth of Dominica, the company said.
Trillanes said the President made up the story that he had secret offshore bank accounts to destroy him for being his critic.
Even though that window is now dosed, those with unreported offshore bank accounts should still consider making a voluntary disclosure to limit their exposure.
However, HMRC has also identified partners who have not registered with it and those with offshore bank accounts.
BMI Offshore Bank will engage in o ffshore banking and private banking services and provide access to Trust and Investment services.
A: Yes, the FBAR is the correct form to file when an individual has signature authority over, or a financial interest in, an offshore bank account.
Hiding illicit money is the raison d'etre of offshore bank and corporate secrecy.
Government officials point out that banks can open offices in the Jebel Ali Free Zone which could behave in many respects as an offshore bank.
The Royal Bank of Scotland's new offshore bank is aimed at the rising number of UK citizens now living or working abroad.
This represents the first investment made by Jones Lang Wootton and Weil Realty Advisors of Boston for the IREF, an open-ended fund sponsored by a major offshore bank.
The report identifies the critical compenents of a successful offshore proposition, and assesses 9 major offshore bank against the components in the Excellence Model.
THE Government has given those with cash stashed in offshore bank accounts six months to get their affairs in order.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-April 8, 2015-Asset Protection Planners examine facts on offshore bank accounts
M2 EQUITYBITES-April 8, 2015-Asset Protection Planners examine facts on offshore bank accounts
The report said that corrupt officials smuggled about 800 billion Yuan into the countries like US, Australia, Canada and Holland through offshore bank accounts or investments, like property or collectables, the BBC reports.