Office of Naval Intelligence

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the military intelligence agency that provides for the intelligence and counterintelligence and investigative and security requirements of the United States Navy

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The Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) responded to 67 FOIA requests in 2014; of these, only four were denied to protect intelligence sources and methods.
At this point, the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) felt that this information had to be verified before it was reported.
John O'Hara, Deputy Chief Scientist, NSA; CDR Paula Moore, USN, CNO, Office of Naval Intelligence (N-2); Lt Col Douglas Boone, USAF, Reconnaissance Area Support Group (RASG); Dr.
In a 20-page affidavit, the FBI said it has evidence that Kim, who worked for the Office of Naval Intelligence, passed dozens of classified records to Baek Dong-Il, a South Korean navy officer, during a five-month span earlier this year.
Chamberlin handles new business initiatives for the Defense Intelligence Agency, major combatant commands, Office of Naval Intelligence and Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command.
A: ONI's enterprise architecture is the Office of Naval Intelligence Operationally Networked Enterprise, otherwise known as "ONI-ONE.
Evelyn proudly served our country during WWII, in the Waves as a clerk typist, at the Office of Naval Intelligence in Washington D.
This report is based on unclassified open-source information, such as the annual Department of Defense (DOD) report to Congress on military and security developments involving China, (3) an August 2009 report from the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), (4) and published reference sources such as Jane S Fighting Ships.
As a career intelligence officer myself, my initial reaction to this question was that it is unworthy of serious discussion, as intelligence craft in the United States has been institutionalized (most notably) within the CIA since 1944, or as far back as the creation of a distinct Office of Naval Intelligence in 1882.
html) mission statement identified the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) as its production center for global maritime intelligence.
Beginning in 1942, the Office of Naval Intelligence had established ties to imprisoned mobster Lucky Luciano.
Office of Naval Intelligence, and infantry commander and intelligence officer for the U.
com/2014/digital/games/microsoft-xbox-one-first-look-at-halo-nightfall-series-hero-exclusive-1201265226/) Variety previously reported, "Halo 5: Guardians" will introduce Agent Locke as an officer who works for the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) Oni.
Elizabeth Train, director, National Maritime Intelligence Integration Office commander, Office of Naval Intelligence.
Cronin was a graduate of Commerce High School in 1944 and started her career as a clerk typist in the Office of Naval Intelligence in Washington, D.
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