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the investigative arm of the Federal Trade Commission

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One of the contractors-who was known for his "knowledge of computer networks," according to the Office of Inspector General report-unplugged the cable connecting the FreedomPay system, making it impossible for the machine to verify payment.
When confronted by agents of the SEC Office of Inspector General in 2014, Humphrey "falsely denied that he had traded in options or in his mother's brokerage account while employed at the SEC," the complaint says.
Office of Inspector General officials say in a new report that New York officials misallocated the grant money because they started with inaccurate, overly optimistic forecasts about how many people would use New York state exchange plans.
In a draft report submitted to the subcommittee on how Medicare carriers identify primary payment sources, the Office of Inspector General said its study found that the carriers' budgets for MSP activities were cut 44 percent from fiscal year 1989 to fiscal 1990.
Schwertner reserved his toughest criticism for the Office of Inspector General, which was represented Wednesday by Quinton Arnold, an administrator.
Working with him in the past, I have found he maintains the independence of the Office of Inspector General while offering solid and constructive recommendations on how the agency can improve its operations.
Baghdad (NINA) - Ministry of Planning developed three divisions of the Office of Inspector General in Basra, Najaf and Mosul.
The Department of Transportation Office of Inspector General says unless the FAA can do a better job of maximizing resources and controlling costs, "NextGen may not deliver the expected long-term benefits and ultimately puts billions of taxpayer dollars at risk.
chairman of the committee on education and labor, asked the Department of Labor's Office of Inspector General to review the Mine Safety and Health Administration's Pattern of Violation Program.
The FDIC's Office of Inspector General analyzed 23 lenders and found that in the case of 20 lenders, the agency's examiners did not identify issues early enough.
The HHS office of inspector general estimated that 3.
The Office of Inspector General has monitored some of the district's most controversial and expensive projects, such as its multibillion dollar school construction program, and has pointed out waste, fraud and questionable uses of district funds since it opened 10 years ago.
To help protect this investment, in March 2008, USDOT's Office of Inspector General released a video on fraud awareness to educate government officials, contractors, and the public about common fraud schemes.
On that front, the federal Office of Inspector General (OIG) recently concluded that, while "inconsistent data" make it impossible to determine accurately the number of mentally ill persons being housed in nursing homes, as many as 20% of the residents of such facilities may have some form of mental disorder.
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