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the branch of engineering science that studies (with the aid of computers) computable processes and structures

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Likewise, AMD Athlon XP processors for desktop PCs and Mobile AMD Athlon XP-M processors will continue to be offered for those customers seeking advanced functionality and performance for mainstream home and office computing.
XIMETA's NetDisk is an external hard drive for home and small office computing environments that provides users with a simple solution for storing and sharing digital photos, MP3s, and other essential digital content.
Vanderpool Technology (VT), the codename for a set of hardware enhancements to the processor and chipset that help improve the resilience and reliability of the platform, is expected to deliver a more manageable office computing environment.
Citing Intel's successful classification of integrated graphics parts based on "good enough" graphics for office computing, Dr.
For gamers, the difference between the two means "good enough" for office computing or great for game play.
Aatrix's finance software has received numerous awards, including Software Digests highest overall rating and Home Office Computing Editors Pick.
The division's titles included Home Office Computing, CRM, Knowledge Management, Field Force Automation, Clinical Geriatrics, Journal of Gender Specific Medicine, Latin Trade and Mode.
ViewSonic(R) Corporation, a worldwide Visual Technologies(TM) leader, today introduced two new LCD displays, the VA720 and VA520, that bring high performance with a sleek new design to Internet, gaming and home office computing enthusiasts.
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