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Synonyms for semivowel

a vowellike sound that serves as a consonant

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Paton's text is the sole example of a more recent guide (1999) that avoids [e] completely, citing Duden, while acknowledging vocalic /r/ as an option at least in diphthong offglides, as in der [d[?
It has been included here because morpheme-induced palatalization of other consonants results in having an onglide and an offglide and affecting surrounding vowels, and this is not always the case with the postalveolar affricate.
They include: (a) the use of voiceless stops <p, t, k> for the voiced allophones [b, d, g] respectively, (b) the use of the symbol <e> instead of &lt;i&gt; for the high central vowel, and (c) with regard to suprasegmental palatalization, only the offglide after a palatalized consonant is written, but not the onglide preceding it, as in noky [nojkj].
It has been included in the phoneme chart here for two reasons: (1) while morpheme-induced suprasegmental palatalization of other consonants manifests by having an onglide and an offglide, this is not always the case for <ch> and (2) in some instances it can not be traced back to morpheme-induced palatalization.
Both speakers have only monophthongal variants, with a slight offglide in several cases.
The offglide, weak in some tokens, is back and rounded in roughly a half of the data points.
In word-final position, as in tomorrow, ago and no, the offglide is weak, while one item (U's ago) reveals a lengthened monophthong ([[LANGUAGE NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII],:]).
he states that /i/ is like the vowel in English beet, but without the offglide (p.