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the offerings of the congregation at a religious service

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What is needed is a new Canadian Hymn book to include Mass Settings which are consistent with the documents on Sacred Music, settings of Respo Psalms utilizing the New Grail and proper Gregorian tones, simple settings in English for the Entrance, Offertory and Communion Antiphons and their psalms, and a selection of hymns, old and new, which meet the test of orthodoxy.
For example, the commentary on the extraordinary offertory Vir erat runs for thirteen pages (pp.
The Catholic numbers, gleaned from earlier research conducted by the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate at Georgetown University in Washington, also said 13 percent of parishes studied indicated their offertory revenues had dipped but then rebounded, while 30 percent said they saw no change or had grown.
The offertory and its verses; research, past, present and future; proceedings.
Offertory gifts were presented by grandmothers Irene Ayers and Lillian Ferguson.
And the Thomas twins are crayoning S&M models in bondage poses on the offertory envelopes.
nA trip up the 199 steps to the spectacular ruined abbey above the town and its ancient church with the simple but heartbreaking appeals for help placed next to the offertory candles ('Pleasepray for my auntie and uncle who both have cancer,Love Dawn, xxx').
He teased notes out of offertory boxes using surgical scissors, raided charity boxes and rifled church safes.
During the offertory procession gifts of a Garryowen rugby ball, a Young Munster jersey and the Munster School's Junior cup, which he won as a boy, were laid at the altar.
You have to remember that there had already been the ordinary church collection, which had raised over pounds 500 and for the special retiring offertory collection the plate was left at the back of the church for people going out.
On December 24, Regehr played the Chikie violin during the offertory at Stamford Church, Niagara Falls.
This secular service would consist of seven parts: (1) the Devotion would include such audience-participation activities as singing, playing instruments, reciting poetry, dancing, and praying; (2) during the Invitation, new members would be solicited; (3) the Offertory would allow the entire audience to walk to the front of the theatre and make a donation; (4) the Silence would prepare the membership for the (5) Performance, which would be a professionally mounted production; (6) the Discussion would be a forty-five-minute question-and-answer-and-debate session on the issues raised in the play--led in some cases by respected authorities on the issues; and (7) the Benediction would be offered by a spiritual leader.
In addition to the Mass itself we have the Gradual, 'Quod, quod in Orbe', and the Offertory, 'Alma Virgo'.
No flowers by request please, donations in memory may be given if desired via the offertory plate to be shared between Nightingale House Hospice and Alzheimer Research.