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the season when travel is least active and rates are lowest

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AMD encourage investments in the four target product lines through matching grants and technical assistance and empower stakeholders by developing synergies, upgrading, streamline supply chains, and technical assistance to optimize profit margins and increase participation of women entrepreneurs, and ultimately help make Pakistani meat, high value and off season vegetables, mangoes and citrus more profitable and more competitive.
It's one that he got during the off season doing running and has flared up again.
Pre Qualification: Off Season Repairs Of Chilled Water Pumps At Hotel Janpath New Delhi
One of the most respected coaches in the capital, Shravan said Ishant preferred to go to his friend Rajeev Mahajan's academy to work on his bowling during the off season.
But green houses are created to produce vegetables during off season, too, in hot weather conditions, said Ali, adding that approximately Dh20,000 has to be spent to install cooling fans inside a green house.
Owner closes every year during the off season for 2-3 mos.
He was speaking to the participants while presiding over a high level meeting regarding sowing off season vegetables at his office here.
10, 2009 (CENS)--Some thin film transistor-liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) panel manufacturers in Taiwan plan to reduce production from December to January to cope with the off season.
I worked on it a lot in the off season and last year when I had a lot of time off.
I worked hard during the off season and came to camp in as good a shape as I have ever been, and I have one goal.
We believe it is imperative to keep hitters in the cage in the off season, pre season, and regular season, even when they are practicing every day or playing three to five games a week.
We pay them to come to in-house continuing education during the off season.
An impending battle has the potential to affect the campers, and suddenly, all that you hoped for, dreamed of, and planned for during the off season seems to crumble, leaving you to wonder what went wrong.