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Synonyms for octopus

tentacles of octopus prepared as food

bottom-living cephalopod having a soft oval body with eight long tentacles

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And let me tell you, long before the world went gaga over 'oracle' octupus Paul, Mani the parakeet and their uncannily correct predictions, our very own unfriendly neighbourhood cat was doing his own 'oracle Paul' by scratching out the names of teams that (disconcertingly) ended up losing from the front page match schedule of my Gulf News after it was kept outside my door by the newsboy.
Earlier this week, however, there were a couple of signs that my mental equilibrium was starting to wobble like a Jabulani being juggled by a soothsaying octupus.
viridis ("mejillon verde"), Pinctada imbricata ("ostra perla"), Loligo pler ("calamar") y Octupus vulgaris ("pulpo"), donde se hallaron contenidos de grasas entre 1.
A huge mechanical octupus with massive teeth, supposed to represent the Fame Monster, formed the backdrop to the finale.
The Octupus, quien asesina a cualquiera que tenga la mala fortuna de ver su rostro, tiene otros planes.
Velvet Octupus productions, Paramount Pictures, and MGM in addition to various other media -outlets and TV stations.