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Polar Cruises, a company specializing in small expedition cruises to the Polar Regions, will donate the money to Oceanites, Inc.
Oceanites president Ron Naveen is the principle investigator of the Antarctica Site Inventory Project, which has collected biological data and site-descriptive information in the Antarctic Peninsula since 1994.
According to Cross, "We selected Oceanites because they are an on-the- ground organization making a huge contribution to our understanding of penguin and seabird populations in Antarctica.
The population data and site information collected by Oceanites is used by tour operators, environmentalists, citizens and governing nations of the Antarctic Treaty to better understand biological processes and to implement management decisions for the preservation of this vast wilderness.
Oceanites is not a government organization, thus they rely upon support from private foundation grants, partner organizations and private contributions to fund their data collection and long-term monitoring activities.
Our ship, the national geographic endeavour, houses Oceanites scientists during their census activities as part of the Antarctic Site Inventory.
Oceanites was also the first grantee of the Lindblad Expeditions/National Geographic Fund for Exploration, Research and Conservation, launched to support projects around the world that address a wide range of issues including marine conservation, climate change and habitat loss.
Lindblad Expeditions has also been working with local conservation partners in other regions where the company operates including in Antarctica with Oceanites, in Alaska with the Alaska Whale Foundation and in Baja California with the Mexican Fund for the Preservation of Nature.