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mentioning something by saying it will not be mentioned

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Name Jessica Doig Age: 19 Occupation: Administrator Height: 5ft 8in Occupatio Administra 5f Dress size BEFORE Weight 14st 4lb Dress size: 16 NOW Weight: 11st 6lb Dress size: 10-12 2st 12lb lighter THREE sizes smaller BEFORE Weight: 11 Dress size 2s 2st lig THREE siz g Brid Name Jenna Abberley Age 28 From Spean Bridge Occupation Staff nurse Height 5ft 10in BEFORE Weight 13st 8lb Dress size 14/16 NOW Weight 11st 4'lb Dress size 10/12 2st 4lb lighter TWO dress sizes smaller spott at the British Gr CELEBRITY-spotting this year Grand Prix at Silverstone in skinny flowery jeans, you would never have guessed that Jenna had ever had a weight problem.
Recognising that anxi related disorders are also ofte blame for many of the sickn days taken by staff, the cou has worked hard to impleme system addressing these issu The introduction of co selling services avail through the Occupatio Health Unit has hel to minimise the d age anxiety-rel disorders cause.
It argues that, in addition to the gracelessness of the Squire's use of rhetorical figures like occupatio, which have been shown as successful failures by critics such as Shirley Sharon-Zisser, Chaucer also demonstrates a clumsiness in the Squire's use of numerous poetic devices, specifically rhyme, enjambment and caesura.
Ambrisco, '"It lyth nat in my tonge": Occupatio and Otherness in the Squire's Tale', Chaucer Review, 38 (2004), 205-28.
Of the 29 occupatio nal groupings noted, only two were written exclusively in the feminine form, padeiras (bakers) and regateiras (regrateresses), (12) with the former registered in the ninth position, and the latter in the eighteenth.
Throughout her book, Lynch emphasizes that philosophical readings do not exhaust the richness of Chaucer's poems, and, in her final chapter, she again considers the Legend to show how the questions raised by the liar's paradox are echoed in other of Chaucer's concerns and techniques--his use of occupatio and his complex intertextuality.
proprio al lettore: tramite occupatio, l'ego parlante previene una domanda che il suo interlocutore si pone, o si potrebbe porre tacitamente (come accade in 9,30,1 e 11,23,5; in 10,33,4, diversamente dagli altri due brani, la domanda e appunto tacita).
His program meets all AF Occupatio nal Safety and Health (AFOSH) Standards and Code of Federal Regulations (CFR).
Sarantakes's thesis is that bureaucratic infighting shaped the course of the occupatio n as much as did national security strategy and foreign policy.
An occupation (from Latin occupatio - to possess or hold) takes up space or fills up time.