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the scholarly knowledge of western cultures and languages and people

the quality or customs or mannerisms characteristic of Western civilizations

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Cautioned by these false cognitions and improper trials, international comparatists should consciously avoid these crises from these following aspects: firstly, work beyond the conventional eurocentrism and occidentalism, releasing the restrictions on objects of study and enlarging the research scope to the whole world to internationalize comparative literature studies.
Orientalism operates in the NBC text, and its obverse--what Xiaomei Chen describes as Occidentalism and Arif Dirlik calls self-orientalism (Chen, 2002; Dirlik, 1996, pp.
For a more recent take on what it means to make the ballad lyrical see Saree Makdisi, Making England Western: Occidentalism, Race and Imperial Culture (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2014), 87-132.
2) See Phillips for a book that best exemplifies Occidentalism.
Occidentalism, as defined by Hasan Hanafi, turns the self into a studying subject and the other into the object of study.
Introduction to the Science of Occidentalism Philosophy Professor Hassan Hanafi of Cairo University, author of , delivered an influential talk in 2002 in Turkey.
Fusion fashion; culture beyond orientalism and occidentalism.
Orientalism, Occidentalism and Historiography, Hampshire-Nueva York, Palgrave Macmillan, 2001.
See Laura Nader, "Orientalism, Occidentalism, and the Control of Women," Cultural Dynamics 2 (July 1989): 323-55.
occidentalism esta registra como autoapomorfia las tres glandulas nectariferas en forma de banda en la base del tubo de la corola (caracter 12) y una corola de menor tamano (caracter 14).
Focusing on the formation of Occidentalism provides a fruitful nexus to understanding the diasporas and racial formations of Chinese and Asians in the Americas south.
He cites the way the Egyptian Occidentalism icon Rifa'ah Al-Tahtawi was heavily criticised during his time when expressing his advocacy of French-style governance systems in his literature.
A Tale of London" is a piece which provides an interesting imaginative study in how the cultural discourse that is Orientalism may have come to be, by means of a curious reverse--the depiction of Occidentalism, in the moment of its creation.
Just as the West is harming itself by practicing Orientalism and defining itself in terms of "anti-Easternism," Muslims will harm themselves if they define themselves in terms of "anti-Westernism" and practice Occidentalism.