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the scholarly knowledge of western cultures and languages and people

the quality or customs or mannerisms characteristic of Western civilizations

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Occidentalism regulates the self's relationship with both the West and its own tradition.
With his drawings, Nahas wants to demonstrate to viewers, Middle Eastern and otherwise, that we should probably escape Occidentalism, he said, and "return to Arab and Persian origins.
Sceloporus occidentalism preferred body temperature of the western fence lizard.
Medieval monasticism, with its accompanying signs of meditative introspection and contemplative detachment, stands for him as evidence that the gnostic pole is every bit present in Christianity, "still circulating beneath a thick encrustation of Occidentalism.
Therefore, the forgotten side of the Greek heritage exemplified by these philosophies continues to lead the West toward the same aberrations of Occidentalism.
They said that Christianity and Islam have a vital cultural space in Arabism and identity, calling for correcting the concepts of Orientalism and Occidentalism and ending prejudice against Arabs and Islam.
Margalit, Occidentalism, A Short History of Anti-Westernism, 2005 for a discussion of confrontations between Oriental and Occidental religious stances.
The exposition, which included "contemporary trends", as exemplified by colorist paintings of Adam Marczynski, was severely criticized by the other delegates and hosts for its aberration of socialist realism, and turn towards abstractionism, formalism and Occidentalism.
The issue comprises 19 research articles including Introduction to Occidentalism by Jamil Ahmad Nutkani, Sita, Mary and Khadija (R.
Margalit, Occidentalism (New York: Penguin, 2004), pp.
During my research, I regularly encountered forms of orientalism as well as occidentalism (Carrier, 1992).
Orientalism needs to be encouraged; Occidentalism too.
In Occidentalism (2004), Buruma and his Israeli co-author, Avishai Margalit, confront the concept of "Orientalism," as once defined by Edward Said: Westerners' disdain for what little they know of Eastern culture.
Isn't this imperialism, colonialism, Occidentalism, or whatever historical exploitative nexus you wish to call it?
These words are essentialist or reductive for sure and what such books as For the Lust of Knowing or Occidentalism criticize as a reaction to Said's Orientalism.