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the countries of (originally) Europe and (now including) North America and South America

the hemisphere that includes North America and South America

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In this case, the Occident (government/NGOs of the Global North) embeds ultimate authority over the Orient/Oriental (DRC/Congolese URM) "not simply by [any] empirical reality" (Said, 2000, p.
Mais la contestation en Occident, dans un contexte d'austerite economique et de plans sauvetages a repetition pour les banques surendettees, sera aussi au coeur des debats.
7] The rhetoric of denigration, disparagement and vilification is one of the main elements of the "knowledge" about the Orient that simplifies it, rationalizes it, makes it understandable, and creates a complicated ignorance both in the Occident and the Orient.
Professeure au Departement de philosophie de l'Universite de Montreal, Anna Ghiglione vise a exposer la perception et la reception de la pensee philosophique chinoise en Occident, du XVIIe siecle a nos jours.
Chapter five establishes an intimate linkage between arrested development in Africa and the migration of the African intelligentsia to the Occident.
In Occident, writers from Homer, Plato, and Aristotle to today, have been exploring homosexuality and the many facets of which it is comprised.
10) This is the case of two Romanian films that I shall discuss shortly: Cristian Mungiu's Occident (mixing comedy, melodrama, history and fantasy) and Cristi Puiu's Stuff and Dough (a minimalist manifesto sui generis and a trendsetter in its choice of subject and technique).
That faith may have set them apart, but unlike the German tribes who were foederati in the Roman Occident, the Ghassanid were related ethnically and linguistically to the larger Arab component in the demographic landscape of Oriens.
It is a strange coincidence that, in 1983, Milan Kundera, though for different reasons and under other circumstances, described roughly the same geography that Tara Zahra is dealing with as "a kidnapped Occident" (un Occident kidnappe): "a piece of the Latin West which has fallen under Russian domination.
Taking potshots at others, hiding behind a pseudonym, is hardly what we expect from our "more civilised" cousins from the occident.
Bulgarians' predilection for mysticism and superstition is explained by the Balkan country's position on the edge of Europe between the orient and occident.
With suites upholstered in a blaze of gold and silver walls hung with curtains of patterned ivory and red damask, he led the Occident in grandeur.
Thirty students gathered in the Egyptian National Research Center over four days to discuss social differences between the orient and occident.
The continuous flux of matter and ideas, oscillating between Orient and Occident, surely paved the way for the refinement and spread of numerous groundbreaking social and technological innovations.
The program reviewed the historical stations of the Silk Road as Syria was an important station for it, where human civilizations from the occident and the orient met.