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the process of becoming obsolete

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The V-22 program office's OMT is guided by an obsolescence management plan that establishes a proactive process for predicting, identifying, and controlling obsolescence impacts that affect the program from conceptual design through retirement.
The Navy has four major DMSMS initiatives--Rapid Retargeting, Obsolescence Mitigation Management, DMSMS Metrics Tracking and the Navy Obsolescence Management Working Group.
Collaborating across the embedded supply chain, GDCA has developed the tools and systems to turn the costs and hardships of obsolescence management into an easily manageable business activity.
One example of proactive obsolescence management is the work by the U.
The contract builds on the company's expertise and leadership in the field of obsolescence management, a prevalent need amid shrinking defense budgets.
GE under the agreementwill provide project management, inventory storage, preventative maintenance and obsolescence management services.
Instead, each player is left facing inward -- focusing on solutions from their own particular positions in the supply chain: labs look for test solutions, distributors look to offer for proof of authenticity, researchers look for newer and more exotic authentication methods, and obsolescence management focuses on data integration and sourcing.
It provides all companies with a cost-effective solution for RoHS compliance reporting and component obsolescence management.
DCMA has provided APSS to PBL-related processes and capabilities, including supply chain management, demand forecasting, obsolescence management, logistics surveillance, and partnering arrangements.
helpdesk facilities, reliability and obsolescence management.
Collaborating across the embedded supply chain, GDCA develops innovative solutions for supporting legacy systems, effectively turning the costs and hardships of obsolescence management into an easily manageable business activity.
In 2010, e2v announced its Semiconductor Lifecycle Management (SLiM[TM]) program, offering a new approach to obsolescence management and mitigation.
This is a split contract slices (a firm phase and four conditional phases of 12 months each), including a part in purchase orders within the meaning of Article 251 of the CMP for the main services for all the following tranches - Fixed pecuniary benefits technical support fleets covering in particular and without limitation of Central technical assistance tasks, obsolescence management, airworthiness management tasks, the implementation of aircraft logistics support tasks ,- Corrective and preventive maintenance benefit the entire aircraft fleet comprising in particular maintenance visits, repairs of the airframe, engine and accessory components and equipment (Oae) technical assistance by secondment specialists and outside France, the supply of all spare parts contributing to MCO devices.
For the Korean fleet, BAE Systems will perform a range of services, including systems engineering and integration, software and electronics engineering, obsolescence management and logistics support.
The services to be provided are - Job 1: supply of remotely operated dexter process- Item 2: implementation of factory compliance testing (unit testing, validation and integration)- Item 3: maintenance organization - Definition of maintenance (tree logistics and maintenance plan)- Obsolescence management,- Item 4: supply of user folder (DU)- Item 5: expedition on the integration site,- Item 6: Mounting on the site of integration - compliance checks and tests on the integration site,- Job 7: reception - transfer of ownership.