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a barrage balloon with lobes at one end that keep it headed into the wind

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As opposed to larger observation balloons currently in use by the IDF and Israel Police, the Skystar 110 is not hardwired to the ground in a fixed position.
He did however take charge of the short-lived Confederate air force, consisting of an observation balloon tethered to a river boat on the James River from which he reconnoitered the enemy line.
Flying nearby was the observation balloon of the 6th Balloon Company.
Summary: The Israeli army launched an observation balloon Thursday morning to survey the area over the town of Metula, a week after Hezbollah vowed to retaliate for an Israeli air raid.
It tells the story of imprisoned soldiers escaping the American Civil War, who take flight in a giant observation balloon and land on a strange island where they encounter giant creatures, cut-throat pirates, a pair of shipwrecked English ladies and the mysterious Captain Nemo.
Israeli forces have an observation balloon with surveillance cameras stationed above the complex, keeping watch.
Saudi Arabia received $525 million in observation balloons, adding to the $100 billion in arms that were transferred during former President Barack Obama's administration.
We were two miles behind the line and one morning I told a few young signallers to keep their eyes on our observation balloons, which we called "sausages", and if they had not seen an aeroplane swooping down on a sausage and setting it on fire it was quite possible they would before midday.
Five of his twenty-six victories were German observation balloons.
More than 1,000 Israeli police were deployed around the Old City's cobbled streets and the ancient gates that lead to Al-Aqsa, a spokeswoman said, in addition to undercover anti-riot units and observation balloons floating in the sky.
Al-Qarara and ob observation balloons are shot in Gaza skies.
It was the first war to invent the submarine, the machine gun, aerial observation balloons, and steel clad warships.
He served in the Navy during World War II and tended weather observation balloons.
The increasing size of forces as well as the introduction of new technology (such as observation balloons and radio) changed battlefield dynamics point that it severely taxed a commander's personal command and control.
Suddenly they are ordered to attack German observation balloons before the Allied offensive begins.