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a barrage balloon with lobes at one end that keep it headed into the wind

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SIDON, Lebanon: The Israeli army launched an observation balloon Thursday morning to survey the area over the town of Metula, a week after Hezbollah vowed to retaliate for an Israeli air raid.
The permanent iconic orange observation balloon represents Orange County's rich agricultural and military history.
The first phase of the Preview Park opened with a large orange helium filled observation balloon that rises up to a 500-foot height for a commanding view.
It was the first war to invent the submarine, the machine gun, aerial observation balloons, and steel clad warships.
He served in the Navy during World War II and tended weather observation balloons.
The increasing size of forces as well as the introduction of new technology (such as observation balloons and radio) changed battlefield dynamics point that it severely taxed a commander's personal command and control.
government, which used it to hoist weather and military observation balloons.
14) Their target was a line of German observation balloons.
Balloon busting"--the practice of attacking observation balloons, was one of the most dangerous duties that a pilot could undertake.
LeO delivered fifty-five autogiros to the French air force as substitutes for observation balloons.
5] Yet, after aircraft gained the ability to attack, their inherent maneuverability allowed them to target and destroy observation balloons and Zeppelins.