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Synonyms for obiter dictum

an expression of fact or opinion

Synonyms for obiter dictum

an incidental remark

an opinion voiced by a judge on a point of law not directly bearing on the case in question and therefore not binding

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The simple direction of the obiter dictum is that the senate confirms appointment for a substantive chairman.
Obiter dictum is Latin for by the way, a remark made in passing in a court decision that does not affect the judge's final resolution.
Citing only the obiter dictum, which is a nonlegally binding supportive argument, as legal grounds for foreign suffrage is absurd.
vs Court of Appeals (March 19, 2002), it was held that an obiter dictum "lacks force of adjudication.
The issue has been repeatedly brought up as the 1995 Supreme Court ruling says in its obiter dictum commentary that providing local suffrage to foreigners with permanent resident status is not prohibited under the Constitution, and that it is a matter for the Diet to take up.
Liverpool County Premier Sunday Youth IN the Liverpool County Premier Sunday Youth U21 Division, a Sam Smith double and a Jamie Turner effort were enough to hand Obiter a 3-1 win against AFC Liverpool.
Obiter are celebrating their first league win, 4-1 over Warner Wanderers, and are now in 10th place after a Connor Green hat-trick and a single from Elliot Worrall.
J O B had a fine 2-0 result over Thirly as Jack McDowell and Chris Higgins netted and Obiter with German and Grogan on target found themselves on the losing side against Liverpool North as Paul Wiseman 2, James Hartley, and Joe Grice gave Liverpool a 4-2 win.
Warner Boys outside chance of retaining the league appeared to have evaporated after a 4-4 draw away to Obiter while St Margaret's go third after a 5-1 win over Dynamo PF (Connor Barwise) with a hat trick from Danny Carney aided by singles from Tom Harrington & Andrew Harper.
St Sebastian's beat Obiter 2-1, J O B beat Liverpool North 5-1 and English Rose lost 4-3 to The King Harry.
In the Sunday Youth Division Farmers moved into third place on the back of an 8-1 win over Dynamo PF which was highlighted by a Ryan Gorst treble and a Jordan Wright brace while Obiter recorded a 3-1 win over East Villa.
English Rose (Owens, Dunne and Wynne) ran out 3-2 winners against Obiter with Jimmy German replying whilst Thirly, 3-0 up at half time against Oyster Martyrs, lost 5-4.
Obiter beat Farmers 7-2 thanks to double from Smith and Davidson for Obiter whilst Farmers scored through Gorst and Dowling as Oasis beat Dynamo PF 1-0.
Obiter had Jimmy German with a hat-trick and Jimmy Jones on target but it wasn't enough to beat Thirly who went one better to win 5-4.
East Villa beat Oasis 6-1 to remain in contention in 3rd spot after contributions from Rogers and McAuliffe's as Farmers and Obiter shred the spoils in a 2-2 draw thanks to respective doubles from Danny Davidson and Thomas Yates.