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(Middle Ages) the king of the fairies and husband of Titania in medieval folklore

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Voir aussi Xavier Oberson, << Le regime d'imposition des dividendes, interets et redevances, selon la convention de double imposition entre la France et la Suisse, suite a l'avenant du 22 juillet 1997 >> (2000) II RDAF 163; OCDE, Comite des affaires fiscales, Modele de convention fiscale concernant le revenu et la fortune, Commentaire, Paris 2000, vol II (voir notamment << Limitation du droit aux avantages des conventions fiscales >> a la p 8).
Brazilian Ana Marcela Cunha and French swimmer Aurelie Muller followed Oberson in the women's competition.
Segundo Oberson et al (2001), outras situacoes tambem podem oferecer uma maior disponibilidade de fosforo as plantas, como por exemplo o plantio de leguminosas consorciadas.
Marie-Francoise Oberson [1], que fue pintada por Jean Baptiste Camille Corot, y Anne Elizabeth Honorine Aubert [2], pintada por Paul Cezanne, retrataron a su madre porque el estilo impresionista se prestaba para ello y las presentaron casi siempre absortas en lo suyo, sin mirar al espectador.
Lewis's Swiss lawyer Xavier Oberson added: "He has signed his lease, obtained his residency and all the paperwork is in order.
9 Judith Fitzgerald, Adagios: Electra's Benison (Ottawa: Oberson Press, 2006), pp.
Oberson A, Friesen DK, Tiessen H, Morel C, Stehel W (1999) Phosphorus status and cycling in native savanna and improved pastures on an acid low-P Colombian Oxisol.
Gideon Oberson black trikini, $185, and sterling cuff neckpiece, $42, Le Tennique; oblong hoop earring, $74, Sun Bug at Venice.
540-13 (2000), as reported in Xavier Oberson, Switzerland, in IFA Report, supra note 3, at 691.
But we are spirits of a different sort," Oberson says in A Midsummer Night's Dream.
Since the bottle deposit was stopped two years ago, the Swiss have kept on faithfully bringing bottles to the recycling points," observes Gilles Oberson, the head of Seba Aproz, a company that produces mineral water and soft drinks for Switzerland's largest supermarket, Migros.
Take Bodacious, which is making suits for Marilyn Monroe wanna-bes; Isaac Mizrahi, with itsy-bitsy string bikinis in girlish gingham; Gideon Oberson with zip-front boy-leg maillots updated with vinyl accents; GirlStar, with flirty '60s styles; and Mossimo, the Los Angeles designer whose spring collection includes one-piece halter suits of the '40s and the triangle bikinis of the late '60s.