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The wine has a style which nods towards Burgundian whites, oaky and creamy.
The researchers chose the fruity, floral, mushroom and oaky compounds to reflect the diversity of the wine aroma wheel.
It is rare to find overtly oaky white wines outside the realm of warm-climate Chardonnay.
At the company's Newlands mine, 300 jobs are being slashed as underground and open cut operations are reduced 150 staff members at the Oaky Creek project will also be let go.
25: 2 Southern Dooey, 5-2 Jamaica News, 5 Cavansheath Oaky, 11-2 Lenson Teddy, 6 Red Ted, Olympus Jack 9.
Except, when I took another sip, it was sharp, not too oaky and unexpectedly light.
I'm talking about the kosher-wine market's glorious expansion beyond the usual suspectsoverly oaky Chardonnay and mediocre Merlotto less-obvious wines of distinction and deliciousness from all over the world.
The inclusion of longwall operations at the Oaky No.
10) is full of blackberry fruit and oaky spiciness, great with spicy barbecued burgers and ribs (***), and for a goodvalue, everyday white from France, Sainsbury's Vin de Pays des Cotes de Gascogne (Sainsbury's, EUR5.
Following consideration of the exploration results from the Peenam Prospect and the Oaky Creek Prospect south of Gayndah, D'Aguilar has formed a new subsidiary to specifically focus on the identification and development of large porphyry copper gold systems in Qld.
Queensland Rail is to offer services to Xstrata's Newlands, Collinsville, Oaky Creek and Rolleston mines.
A blend of buttery and oaky flavor makes this wine tasty and smooth.
It has strong hints of gooseberry and lemon on the nose but tastes more oaky on the tongue.
Combining peat flavor spiced with sweet sherry notes and rich oaky undertones, it is said to be creamy and full of character.