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a city in western California on San Francisco Bay opposite San Francisco

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But Swiftwater Bill failed to see why he should not go into Oakland by way of Blair Park, and so decided.
Daylight was delighted; the purchase was immediately made; and Bob, with riding gear and personal equipment, was despatched across the bay forthwith to take up his quarters in the stables of the Oakland Riding Academy.
And to the end of the day, Bob continued to be up to one trick or another; after passing a dozen automobiles on the way into Oakland, suddenly electing to go mad with fright at a most ordinary little runabout.
Didn't I see you on the dock in Oakland the other day?
I had heard of the Sporting Life Gang before, a crowd of hoodlums and criminals that terrorized the lower quarters of Oakland, and two-thirds of which were usually to be found in state's prison for crimes that ranged from perjury and ballot-box stuffing to murder.
com)-- The Oakland Renegades Dragon Boat Team proudly announces that registration is now open for the first ever Oakland Dragon Boat Festival on August 10-11, 2013 at Lake Merritt in Oakland.
Only months after celebrating its 40th birthday, the Oakland Ballet announced Jan.
OAKLAND - A forceful, twisting swing of the bat by Vladimir Guerrero is enough to send a chill down the spine of even the pitchers.
Where Moncks Corner was the most segregated town in which I had ever lived, Oakland is the most diverse and multicultural.
How does the city of Oakland measure up to the major cities in the United States?
And, for the fourth straight decade, the Oakland area was the poorest in the city.
510-444-7171) is a great choice for a power breakfast since you never know who you'll run into--including Oakland Mayor Elihu Harris.
2 million square foot, $191 million Oakland Federal Building in Oakland, California.
17, 1989, it caused surprisingly severe damage to San Francisco and Oakland, both of which sit about 100 kilometers from the quake's epicenter in the Santa Cruz mountains.
The Oakland Hills, being exposed immediately to the influences of the sea winds and fogs, once bore a group of redwood trees .