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stock that is not listed and traded on an organized exchange

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According to Mr Tete, USBDA OTC stock market listing agreements can now be signed with prospective companies on behalf of share holders.
As a consequence, the results of parametric and nonparametric tests provide evidence of both pre-holiday and post-holiday effects in the patterns of OTC stock returns.
com is almost ready to released and begin spreading the word on the best and most profitable penny stocks and OTC stocks.
Linked Media Group, (OTC:LKMG) is now publicly trading on the OTC stock market under the symbol LKMG.
The company (OTC:CDMA) quoted on the OTC stock exchange, is headquartered in Philadelphia.
Pink Sheets:ZPNW), the innovative force empowering a new generation of online sellers, recently retained the well-known OTC Stock Review to begin providing research reports, beginning with a first glowing report of the company this week.
The symbol set up by NASDAQ for Pearl Asian Mining Industries shares to trade in the OTC stock market was published on the OTCBB.
Atlanta Capital is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and is the publisher of the OTC Stock Review newsletter.
Sawai was listed on the OTC stock market in 1995, and was first listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2000.
The Trader Power database includes archived copies of 15,000 stock alerts covering 3,500 public companies on the NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, OTCBB and OTC stock exchanges.
CEO, Kent Rodriguez, will be available to meet with investors in the OTC Stock Review booth at the October 14-16 San Francisco, California, Money Show.
OTC stocks priced at the bid, listed stocks priced at the last trade.
Covering everything from the basics to in-depth strategies for exchange-listed and OTC stocks, Online Trading for a Living provides new practitioners with the head start and heads up on fundamentals they need to be successful online traders.
He needed to find bigger OTC stocks, like Microsoft and Apple Computer, and end his fixation on those unknown little gems he preferred.