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a computer that is running software that allows users to leave messages and access information of general interest

a board that hangs on a wall


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In December, 2006, the number of average daily securities traded at the OTC Bulletin Board was 3,407, with an average daily number of market makers of 217.
Additionally, we have been trading on the OTC Bulletin Board, as a secondary market, for some time now and our trading on the OTC Bulletin Board has historically correlated strongly with the stock price quotation on the NYSE, which has been our primary exchange.
The upgrade to the OTC Bulletin Board reflects the resumption of current reporting requirements, as well as related operational efficiencies resulting from our efforts to streamline the organization over the past year," said Michael Fields, KANA's CEO and Chairman of the Board.
Our planned listing on the OTC Bulletin Board would be a significant development in that it would enhance the visibility of our company and provide better liquidity for our shareholders.
on the OTC Bulletin Board, and that its ticker symbols on the OTC Bulletin Board will also change.