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Al Junaidi said: "Our intention in the long-run is to have all of them managed by Oman Ship Management Company, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of OSC, currently technically managing 32 vessels.
Growing labour costs has a spiraling effect on other costs and resultantly project costs have become very competitive now and contractors are finding it hard to earn profits, noted the OSC chairman.
Como senalo el profesor Alberto Aziz Nacif, (5) el libro parece ser la historia de un doble desencanto: de la democracia y de las OSC.
These are investigations that should have been initiated by the OSC, if the agency was properly functioning.
The OSC feels vulnerable at the prospect of paying for both standards development and ongoing monitoring, yet is arrogating that dual role to itself.
OSC - which stands for Original Shoe Company - is a retailer of branded clothing and footwear and operated from 64 stores across the UK.
The OSC stores to close include those in Edinburgh, Sunderland, Barnsley, Leeds, Grimsby and Gloucester.
The OSC provides tangible, quantifiable skills in television production as well as professional networking built right into the school's curriculum.
It was the first time that the OSC had met with all the Commands together.
OSC provides an array of information technology solutions to the federal government.
After taking no action in the case for over a year, the OSC unceremoniously closed Levine's whistle-blower retaliation case as well as his antigay discrimination case on January 27.
With Atlas Copco's patented OSC concept, compressor operators benefit from high levels of condensate separation efficiency and filter lifetime performance.
The Scottish Executive Education Department commissioned an assessment of the costs and benefits of OSC in Scotland.
OSC selected HP's computing cluster because of its blend of high performance, flexibility and low cost.
When teams disagree on how best to resolve the situation, a unique conflict triangle exists comprising the OSC, the SWAT commander, and the negotiation commander.