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The first part of this article described the two major virtualization technologies; hardware emulation allows multiple OSes while OS virtualization places a single OS on a server.
Parallels Ezequiel Steiner Senior Vice President of Business Development "Parallels partners world-wide have embraced Lanamark Suite as a key technology for delivering virtualization assessments and designing OS virtualization solutions for Parallels Virtuozzo Containers.
The technology presents an alternative to the recently introduced OS virtualization implemented by software, as the Yoggie appliance physically separates security applications by placing them on dedicated hardware.
We're very excited to bring this offering to the market because our customers have been asking for Windows OS virtualization support, and now we're making that possible by being the first to provide AppLogic 2.
LynxSecure also offers two OS virtualization schemes: para-virtualized guest OS's such as Linux and LynxOS-SE OS's offering maximum performance; and fully virtualized guest OS's such as Windows, Solaris and Chromium OS's requiring no changes to the guest OS.