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the executive agency that advises the President on the federal budget

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Regular reporting of the results of such consultations and the routine identification of all major rules--both proposed and final--are necessary for the OMB to meet the standards of transparency in governance laid out by President Obama in 2009.
But the real political motivation behind the OMB study was to help demonize the Mama administration's political opposition.
Between the prerulmaking functions of the Regulatory Council and the analysis and commentary function of the RARG, the Carter Administration created coordinating bodies that achieve results similar to those obtained by the OMB "quality of life" review used in the Nixon and Ford Administrations but without the same political costs.
It is anticipated that OMB approval will occur within the next few months.
One set of guidelines which the OMB insist that I follow was issued by the Endocrine Society regarding the use of testosterone.
OMB is working on a new definition of "inherently governmental.
consider what role OMB should play in superintending the risk assessment
Controversy over that concept may increase in the future, since one OMB goal has been to use CEA and cost-benefit analysis to develop tools called "league tables.
Data from the DoD IT Registry is used to report FISMA status for the entire DoD to OMB and Congress.
Congress requires the OMB to submit an annual report including its progress in regulatory reform and a cost/benefit analysis of federal regulations on state, local and tribal entities.
The OMB, which answers to the White House, stops making deficit projections exactly five years out.
The Administration and OMB are placing increasing pressures on federal agencies to improve performance by establishing metrics for IT investments.
We argue that OMB's numbers are plausible, given the methodology that OMB uses.
For federal government financial managers, the OMB represents the pinnacle, since this is where it all comes together.
In the case of the Ontario Municipal Board, author John Chipman, an independent scholar and practitioner of land use planning law in Toronto, sets out to answer this question by evaluating 870 decisions made by the OMB during the periods 1971-1978, 1987-1994, and 1995-2000.