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Whether it's an ATC request or our own request to turn and lose some altitude, pressing OBS will pause the GPS on the holding waypoint, giving us guidance and distance information to it until we un-pause by pressing OBS again.
One trick is that with non-WAAS Garmin navigators, if we're holding at an FAF that uses a holding pattern in lieu of PT, it will be necessary to hit the OBS button every time around the hold.
Lubrication of vinyls with OBS stabilizers is similar to formulations with organotins or mixed metals.
Owing to suppression of cross-linking, PVC stabilized with OBS resists rapid torque increase when exposed to high temperature and shear for much longer than systems with lead or Ca/Zn stabilizers.
OBS delivers bike share services to college and corporate campuses who are looking for ways to have greener more cost effective campus environments.
As a result, OBS Medical is poised to take its cardiac safety solutions to the next level.
The non-exclusive partnership between OBS Medical and Spaulding Clinical will provide comprehensive cardiac safety services including patient recruitment, ECG/Holter data collection, in-depth cardiac safety analysis (high-throughput with cardiologist involvement), and expert cardiologist interpretation and summary.
GlobalBridge and OBS can now offer investment solutions for all trust bank clients, those with less than $1 million and those with more than $1 million in financial assets.
Unlike other optical switches that rely on pre-provisioned optical circuits, OBS employs optical burst transponders that switch packet traffic in bursts at different wavelengths.