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a gasket consisting of a flat ring of rubber or plastic

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In this step, the Parker O-Ring Selector offers the user extensive options to parameterize the sealing system such as thermal expansion coefficients of the seal and the hardware components, volume swelling of the seal and manufacturing tolerances for the hardware components.
FDA O-Rings expansion is driven by customer feedback and is part of The O-Ring Store LLC's commitment to make getting o-rings easy.
Omura discovered that when a patient held a minute sample of a pathogen or a slide of a cancer cell in one hand, the O-ring formed by the patient's other hand would suddenly weaken when tested if the sample matched a pathogen or cancer in the patient's body.
With this type of seal, o-ring cross-section should not exceed 15% of the total gland depth (including tolerances).
Tolerance stack-up is an important factor to consider because the tolerances account for a large percentage of the nominal O-ring size.
Building owners and other consumers now have more options in how they replace the 37 million O-ring fire sprinklers that were recalled two years ago by Central Sprinkler Corp.
Model 170 cartridge check valves offer an increased flow capacity of 8 gpm and incorporates a low-inertia poppet design with double tapered o-ring seats to achieve fast, positive seal.
Her detailed ethnography of the decision-making process compellingly demonstrates that the key decision makers in this tragic story were indeed following the rules at NASA: the decision-making rules had been designed to create a rational risk assessment procedure, engineers and managers analyzed, discussed, and reported on possible O-ring weakness before the launch and then followed official procedures throughout the final teleconference on the night before the catastrophe.
The technical culprit, as expected, turned out to be the O-ring seal between the rearmost segments of the shuttle's right-hand solid-rocket booster (SRB).
On April 9, Enterprise announced that operations on the Independence Hub platform and Independence Trail pipeline had been suspended due to a leak that appeared to be originating from a stainless steel o-ring located on the top flange of the flex joint in approximately 85 feet of water.
9755956 O-ring (13607-224) / Sealing rubber ring in the plate 13607-224 - 40pcs
The Saflok[TM] Hybrid Mining Bolt Swivel Anchor and the Saflok[TM] Mining Bolt Anchor with Swivelling O-Ring, two anchorage connectors designed to offer the best underground protection for workers employed in mining or tunnelling applications.
Word around the tool bench is that some of the lightweight water purifiers (LWP) were fielded with the O-ring seals missing from the purifier's reverse osmosis (RO) filter element cartridges.