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Based on several letters, this photograph of the father and two daughters likely appeared in Qizil O'zbekiston (date unknown) and Komsomol'skaiapravda (26 January and 10 February 1945).
com, O'zbekiston Islomiy Harakati, "Bayonotlar, Qirg'izistonda ro'y bergan oxirgi voqealarga nisbatan munosabati," furqon.
In Russian, the name of this republic was the Uzbek SSR; the Uzbek version, however, was O'zbekiston SSR.
61) On the eve of the hujum, the campaign against the veil in Uzbekistan in 1927, the newspaper Qizil O'zbekiston (Red Uzbekistan) noted (incorrectly, as it turned out) that Turkey was carrying out a sartorial reform for women, which would ban veiling in public.
2, O'zbekiston sovet mustamlikachiligi davrida [Uzbekistan in the Period of Soviet Colonialism].